What is the program about?

A summer Yeshiva uniquely designed for young adult women beginning or seeking to advance their Judaic Studies.

Who is the program geared toward?

Young adult women who are interested in seriously delving into the study of Torah, generally geared toward beginners or those at an intermediate levels.


Surrounded by  mountain views, St Agathe in the Laurentians in Quebec, Canada is a beautiful setting for a retreat. The dormitory is housed in a large old mansion on 20 Victoria.  There is both a swimming pool on the property as well as lake access. Within walking distance there is a  Shul, a  beautiful Chabad House where classes take place and a quaint French looking town for shopping. There are many hiking trails and walking paths are picturesque.   

What is the organization behind the program?

For 30 years, Yeshivacation, a program of Machon Chana  has been involved in the education of Jewish women. Spiritual seekers from all backgrounds have joined together to immerse themselves in a Torah learning program, the largest of its kind outside of Israel .

Accommodation and food ?

Lodging and three meals are available in the mansion on the property. Most rooms accommodate two women. 

What are the program dates?

 August 7-16.  One can also choose to come for a weekend or  full program. The program is designed to allow flexibility.

What is the cost of the program?

$770 for 10 day program 
$180 for weekend 
Bring a buddy discount ($600 each)

Are there scholarships?

Scholarships and financial aid is available and deferment plans are offered. Applicants must request a financial aid form if they are interested in this option.

Please email [email protected] request a financial aid form.

What are we learning?

Generally, study topics range anywhere from theory and ideology to specifics of Jewish observance. Studies in femininity, cosmic existence, prayer, and many other topics are explored in their entirety. Topics include: Prayer, Mitzvos, Women, Chassidus, Moshiach, Shabbos, Kashrus, Torah  

Personal skill-based learning for Hebrew reading and Torah Text

In-depth Chassidus, Biblical Studies, Halacha & Jewish Home 

Workshops on different aspects of Judaism, such as: Why be Jewish? Females in Judaism? Love, relationships, life-challenges and more!

What is the program like?

A different topic is explored each weekday at Yeshivacation, and it’s something to interest the modern, intellectual woman. The theme of the day is delved into using various academic media: the lens of Jewish law, classical Jewish thought, Jewish history and Chassidic philosophy. Additionally there are classes that run through the schedule of each day.

What is the Daily Schedule like?

  Classes daily begin at 9:00 am with 4 classes till lunch. Most afternoons will be free for swimming and other leisure activities with classes resuming late afternoons, while some afternoons will be dedicated to tours and trips in the mountains or sightseeing in  Montreal. Evenings will be dedicated to group activities, Chevrusa panels and farbrengens. Chevrusa learning as well as davening will be individualized according to need of participant thus allowing each young woman to advance on her pace..


Shabbat at Yeshivacation serves as a time for deep reflection, meditation, joyous singing and “farbrenging.” Participants are given the opportunity to experience the warmth of a Jewish home and family, partake in a delectable Shabbat meal, and participate in stimulating discussions. Shabbat at Yeshivacation is sure to leave its mark!

Who are the teachers and instructors?

Yeshivacation boasts many leading scholars and guest lecturers. With innate wisdom, practical knowledge, and Chassidic warmth, they serve to elevate the program and ensure a quality educational experience. In true Machon Chana style, both the Rabbis and women on  staff are great examples as human beings, who believe and practice what they teach, dedicated to the students and love what they do. The teachers are all well versed in the subject matter and deliver the classes in a clear exciting manner. And the madrichot and mentors are caring and available to each individual needs.  Among the staff are Rabbi Mordy Wenger, Mrs Chanie Carlebach, Mrs. Sara Labkowski, Mrs Chanie Shmukler and Rabbi Ezagui. .

Is the location accessible to the city?

YES! We’re an hour by car from Montreal .