The Program

Our center is located in the Chassidic hub of The Big Apple, Crown Heights. Each day of YeshivaCation features a new theme of interest to the modern, intellectual woman. The daily theme is explored in depth through the lens of Jewish law, classical Jewish thought, Jewish history, and Chassidic philosophy.  Explored topics range from theory and ideology to specifics of Jewish observance and serves as a comprehensive introduction or expansion to preexisting knowledge. They include: Shabbat, Kashrut, Jewish mysticism, feminism in Judaism, Jewish meditation and prayer, the nature of G-dliness, and final redemption. We also offer tours of Jewish sites around New York connected with the theme of the day.


Each weekday, a new topic is explored through the light of Jewish law, history, thought and mysticism.
Daily topics include: Women, Prayer, Shabbos, Kashrus, Chassidus, Jewish Thought and Moshiach. There are also theme oriented Shabbatons.


Hands-on workshops cover a range of topics, including: a kashrut lab; a mikva tour; demonstrations of laws and customs in Jewish life; challah baking; a Chassidic wedding; the building of a model Holy Temple and watching a Torah scribe at work.


The Evening Lecture series is a favorite. In the relaxed setting of a comfortable private home, participants hear from visiting speakers on such contemporary issues as: Love, Relationships and Marriage according to Torah; Torah in the Workplace; Our Place in History; Self-sacrifice; Understanding the Soul; Medical Ethics; Judaism and the Environment; Anti-semitism, Israel and Peace in the Middle East.


Each student is given the opportunity to work on a particular skill or study one area in greater depth with a study partner or “Chavrusa”. Imagine learning to read Hebrew in just 5 easy lessons! Or perhaps you always wanted to understand Rashi script or Yiddish. This is your chance to explore these topics at your own pace.


Shabbat at Yeshivacation will serve as a time for deep reflection, meditation, joyous singing, feasting and “farbrenging,” gathering together to hear inspiring words of Torah and Chassidic teachings and saying “L’Chaim.” Students will experience the warmth of a Jewish home and family, partake of the delectable Shabbat meal, and participate in stimulating discussion of meaningful and relevant topics. Shabbat at Yeshivacation is sure to leave its mark!


These seminars are complemented by experiential learning and one-on-one learning, designed for each student to work on building a skill of choice at an individual pace. Participants will also have the option of attending evening lectures from visiting speakers addressing current and pressing world issues through the lens of Jewish philosophy.