The Yeshivacation is designed  to inspire and ignite the flame of a worldly woman’s soul.

Our aim is to run the program for an intimate group of educated and worldly women of diverse backgrounds, who are open to the idea of an inspirational, spiritual, and educational journey. The Yeshivacation program is therefore tailored to address the lives, struggles, questions, and desire for spiritual self improvement and growth of diverse Jewish women from all walks of life. Our educational course runs the gamut of the modern day  Jewish woman’s experience.
The curriculum is focused on five aspects of Jewish life and thought:

1st our program’s focus on Jewish feminism provides program participants with insight into what it truly means to be a Jewish women. We know that more often than not, women form an idea of beauty, femininity, and normative gender roles from the predominant Western media, and we know that the Jewish ideal is a far cry from these depictions. At Yeshivacation, women will be exposed to a radically different value set from that encouraged by mainstream media. Our program veers away from materialistic and overly external ideals of femininity and beauty. Veering instead to ideas of internal beauty, inner strength, and holiness outlined in Jewish tradition.  Focusing on Torah and Chassidic texts as sources and guides, Jewish femininity takes on a truly different meaning.

2nd unity makes its way to center stage with lectures and discussions honing in on the Jewish theme found in the Shema, Shir Hashirim, Chassidism, and all of creation- oneness. Not only does unity translate itself to the philosophical  nature of  union between Hashem and the Jewish people, man and woman, Hashem and all of creation, but it also underwrites our most day to day interpersonal experience. At Yeshivacation, Jewish unity is not only meditated upon and explored in an intellectual fashion. It is lived, and experienced in a direct way. With small class sizes promoting intimate discussion, and a peer-group of women all embarking on a similar quest of a spiritual nature, the experience of unity and togetherness is truly felt.

3rd and perhaps most central to our program is transformation. Our program is designed to make a difference. Thought and intellectual rumination are great, but we seek to translate our educational program into action. Transformation refers to our quest to work, improve and ultimately, perfect ourselves and our environment. Some call this desire, Tikkun Olam, we call it the Jewish mission, or duty in this world. This mission (to make a Dirah  Bitachtonim (dwelling place for G-d) and bring Moshiach), handed to us at the time of creation, is to mold, shape and take part in creation, to bring humanity to a phase of spiritual enlightenment, and to bring this earthly world and ourselves to host Godliness- holiness- to the exclusion of all else.

4th we seek to illuminate the importance of Jewish continuity. Continuity is central to the very existence of Judaism. Judaism does not exist without its bearers- the Jewish people. While the Jewish people fail to survive without tradition, the key to the survival of Judaism, is the unbroken nature of Jewish life and practice. Our program is aimed to highlight necessary practices, such as marriage and family law, to promote the ongoing nature of the Jewish chain of history, and to ensure that it will be carried on in future generations.

5th concept elucidated by our program is Chassidism. Today’s western population is bombarded with many demands on their time and energy and sadly, little is offered in return. Purchases and investments may fill a bank account, but the constant pursuit of material pleasure will do nothing to fill a spiritual void. Today’s modernity has causes rampant depression and apathy. We wish to correct these ills.

Yeshivacation offers women a well needed respite from worldly pursuits and obligations and offers to replenish depleted stores of spiritual inspiration, meaning, and purpose. We know that many women today cannot leave their worldly obligations and responsibilities to pursue a spiritual hiatus. We designed the Yeshivacation program for these women. During her summer vacation a woman can simply retreat, take a breath and dive into the illuminating and inspiring world of Torah life and learning is a true Yeshiva vacation.