Basic requirements

Please fill out the form carefully as it enables us to design a program of study tailored to each individual student’s needs and requests.

1. Application

Please have the following information prepared:

  • A recent digital photograph of yourself
  • Proof of Jewish identity 

2. Interview

Upon receipt of the completed application, an in-person or phone interview will be scheduled. At the interview, students will receive further information regarding classes, housing, and, if needed, financial aid.

3. Tuition 

Classes, accommodations & meals are sponsored according to need.

Students are responsible for plane tickets, visas & local trip costs.

YVC is not responsible for visitors visa, but we could provide a letter (upon acceptance) attesting that the student will be learning here.

YVC REGISTRATION - Russia & Ukraine

  • Inspiring learning, Shabbos programs, trips & more.. Partial scholarships available as needed.
  • NYC YVC : July 2-30, 2018 (minimum 3 weeks of stay) Montreal YVC: Aug 1-15, 2018
  • Why do you want to join us at Yeshivacation and what are your goals in attending?
  • Please write the location of the chabad house and name of the Rabbi or Rebbetsen
  • Rabbi or Rebbitzen you are close to
  • Please send conversion papers
  • Name and Hebrew name
  • Please list the names of the programs, duration, location, and dates and year of attending
  • Please define
  • (for example: the school is located 1 flight up, and the dorm is 3 flights up, would that be a problem?)
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free?
  • If for any reason you can't upload it please send an email with your picture to [email protected]