Yeshivacation is a comprehensive study program for women in Judaic thought and life, through the lens of Torah and Chassidic teachings.

A Taste of Torah

A Taste of Torah  is a beginners program who want to begin their journey in Judaism, to learn more about their Jewish identity and have the opportunity to study Torah.


iLearn is  for advanced learners with a Yeshiva background who wish to advance their learning during the summer.

Never Too Late Yeshiva

Never Too Late Yeshiva is for Ba’alot Teshuva to finally have a yeshiva experience what they missed out in their youth. For women who want an opportunity to return to Yeshiva, advance their Torah education, and receive a spiritual boost.


Join us this Summer!

NYC YVC: July 2- 30, 2018   

  Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Canada YVC: August 7-16, 2018   

St Agathe, Canada

Spend a month at our campus in NYC or 10 days in the Laurentian Mountains connecting to who you are as a Jewish women

Program Includes:

  • Morning, Afternoon  & Evening programs of Judaic studies and Torah topics
  • Skill building classes; an opportunity to learn how to read Hebrew & Chumash
  • Workshops, tours, and inspirational speakers
  • Enriching programs on life challenges
  • Unique gatherings and farbrengens
  • Building new relationships
  • Mentor ship and guidance
  • Exciting theme based Shabbatons
  • July: Afternoon Trips & Tours of NYCs most popular sites
  • August: Enjoy 10 days in  the natural beauty of the Laurentian Mountains with swimming, hiking and nature trips