The classes at Yeshivacation, are especially designed to fit the needs and interests of our students.

Evening Workshops

Workshops and Tours vary from program to program but may include any or all of the following:

Evening Workshops

Discussions – topics on women, marriage, education, relationships 
Farbrengens – chassidic style gatherings for inspiration
Guest Lecturers


Shabbos schedule 

Kabbalas Shabbos
Shabbos Meal
Chassidus in morning (optional)
Tefillah in Shul
Shabbos Meal 
Shiur on Parsha 
Shalosh seudas with Singing Nigunim
Rebbe’s Video
Malva Malka

Hands on Workshops

Hands on Workshops bring the learning to life!

Holiday Baking Workshops: Challah, kreplach, kneidlach, hamantashen, gefilte fish, blintzes; kuglach, kokosh cake
Jewish  Craft Projects: havdala candles, challah covers and more
Jewish Game Night & Videos 

Tours & Presentations 

Tours & Presentations

Model Temple – A visual presentation of the layout and vessels of the Temple.
Kashrut Laboratory – A tour of a Kosher Kitchen.
Scribal Arts – Watch a Sofer (scribe) at work.
Matzah Bakery – Learn how flour & water become hand-baked matzah.
Jewish Library-Fom the Tanach to Modern Responsa and literary works. Understand the categories :  Written & Oral Torah, Niglah & Nistar 
Shul- Come into the mens side and open Aron Kodesh. Understand the davening and kriah. Who does what , when and how. And of course why? 


Chassidus: Tanya  

Discover how the depths of Chassidic teachings give deep insights and practical advice in how to conduct our lives. 

Chassidus: Sichos

Learn not only important chassidic fundamental concepts on life, but learn them in the original language they were taught- Yiddish . (Yiddish is not a prerequisite only a plus)

Chassidus :Tefilah     

Do you want to improve your prayer? Learn the purpose and goal of prayer, inspirational thoughts and meditations on Davening.


Learn how to pray. What & when to say what  & what they mean. And learn the lyrics.  

Inner Dimension of Mitzvos

Not just about knowing the laws, it’s about living them. Learn about it in the source, and discover its spiritual dimension. 

Topics: Brachos, Shabbos, Hadlakas Neiros, Challah, Yom Tov, Kashrus, Torah, Chesed, Mezuza, Tfillin & Tzizis, Chinuch,  Tznius, Yichud, Holidays.

Mitzvos: Spiritual Connections – Mitzvos Shebalev

Delve in to our more emotional connections with Hashem, discussing topics such as: Hashgacha Pratis (Divine Providence), Bchira Chafshis (Free Will), Bitachon (Trust), Women Roles, Nisyonos (Challenges),  Relationships, Galus/ Geulah, Mesirus Nefesh( Self Sacrifice), Moshiach, Simchah, Bittul.

Halachic  Insights

Learning the laws as they really are: Shabbos, Kashrus,Taharas Hamishpacha, the Jewish Calendar, Life Cycle, Brachos and more.

Jewish Home

What is it built of? How do I make mine? How does it last? Addressing: Tznius (Modesty), Sholom Bayis, Derech Eretz, Teens, large families, challenges with children.

Teach me a Torah Skill

Building your learning skills on your level: Kriah-Hebrew reading, Chumash-how to learn, Yiddish Sichos-the language of the Rebbes teachings, Rashi Sichos- understanding the Chochma of learning Yayna Shel Torah.

Jewish History

Overview of Biblical Times 

Chitas Chevrusa