What is the program about?

A summer Yeshiva uniquely designed for teenagers ages 14-17 who are interested who they are as Jewish women and their mission as well as getting real answers.


Located in Saint Agathe des Monte in Quebec, Canada in the heart of the beautiful Laurentian mountains… just an hour away from Montreal, which contains a large Jewish presence. The Laurentian Mountains have horse back riding, lakes, boating, fishing, amongst several other fun and exciting activies!

What is the organization behind the program?

For 45 years, Machon Chana  has been involved in the education of Jewish women. Spiritual seekers from all backgrounds have joined together to immerse themselves in a Torah learning program, the largest of its kind outside of Israel.

Are there accommodation and food options?

The summer program is located in a large country home that is situated on a few acres of land and is used as a dormitory for girls throughout the year. It has a pool and a lake on premises and it’s the perfect space for learning, growing, deep conversations, hiking, and exploring!

What are the program dates?

Summer 2018: August 1- August 15th  

What is the cost of the program?

Register by Shavous 05/18/2018 – $1,000/2 weeks including accomodations and three meals per day.

Register after Shavous- $1,200/2 weeks including accomodations and three meals per day.

Are there scholarships?

There are limited scholarships and financial aid available and deferment plans are offered. Please call 718-735-0030 or email [email protected] as soon as possible if you are in need of financial aid.

What are we learning?

A different topic is explored each weekday at Yeshivacation, and it’s something to interest the intellectual and growing mind. The theme of the day is delved into using various academic media: the lens of Jewish law, classical Jewish thought, Jewish history and Chassidic philosophy. Studies in femininity and prayer are also explored.

What is the schedule like?

The program is designed with morning classes followed by lunch and afternoons filled with exploring the beautiful scenery around you, trips, swimming, hiking, and much more! We will return in the evening for dinner, classes and some fun hands-on activites. Generally, study topics range anywhere from Chassidus, Jewish Home, and specifics of Jewish observance.

Seminars and Workshops?

Where the mornings are dedicated to Torah study, evening are filled with “farbrengens” and fun hands on activities, as well as visiting speakers address current and pressing world issues through the lens of Jewish philosophy. In addition, we provide tours of basic Jewish organizations and enable opportunities for the women to experience Jewish customs in a hands-on manner.


Shabbat at Yeshivacation serves as a time for deep reflection, meditation, joyous singing and “farbrenging.” Participants are given the opportunity to experience the warmth of Shabbos and partake in delectable Shabbat meals, and participate in stimulating discussions. Every Shabbos will have a theme with lectures surrounding that theme, along with a resident Rabbi and his family. In addition to all of the spiritual and throught-provoking  discussions and divrei torah, there will also be plenty of time to walk and enjoy the fresh summer air. Shabbat at Yeshivacation is sure to leave its mark! Shabbos will end with a lovely melave malka, with music and discussion. 

Who are the teachers and instructors?

Yeshivacation boasts many leading scholars and guest lecturers as well as two on site madrichot. With innate wisdom, practical knowledge, and Chassidic warmth, they serve to elevate the program and ensure a quality educational experience.