Summer 2016 Overview

Yeshivacation is a comprehensive study program in Judaic thought and life, through the lens of Torah and Chassidic teachings.

A Taste of Torah

A Taste of Torah  is a beginners program for adult women of all ages who want to begin their journey in Judaism, to learn more about their Jewish identity and have the opportunity to study Torah.


iLearn is  for advanced learners with a Yeshiva background  who wish to advance their learning during the summer.

Never Too Late Yeshiva

Never Too Late Yeshiva is for Ba’alot Teshuva to finally have a yeshiva experience what they missed out in their youth. For women who want an opportunity to return to Yeshiva, advance their Torah education, and receive a spiritual boost.

Learning Inspiration For Teens

LIFT is for teenage girls looking to advance and infuse their learning with Chassidic joy and depth during the summer in an exciting and novel way.


Join us this Summer!

Session I: July 6- July 27, 2016
Session II: July 28- August 18, 2016

One can join for ten days, three weeks or full month and live the Yeshiva life at a full day study program, or any part of it .

Program Includes:

Full day program of Judaic studies and Torah topics
Skill building classes; an opportunity to learn how to read Hebrew and Chumash
Workshops, tours, and inspirational speakers
Enriching programs on life challenges
Unique gatherings and farbrengens
Building new relationships
Mentorship and guidance