Winter Yeshivacation is an intensive journey of learning, self discovery and personal growth during winter break. It is a comprehensive study program in Judaic thought and life, through the lens of Torah and Chassidic teachings for both college students and women of all ages ages who want to start their journey to Judaism, to learn more about their Jewish identity or seek the opportunity to advance in Torah knowledge.

Join us this winter!

 Session: December 19 – 29, 2019

One can join for ten days, three weeks or full month and live the Yeshiva life at a full day study program, or any part of it .

Relax. Rejuvenate. Retain. Rejoice. Connect with your inner soul.

Full day of Jewish learning and Torah topics
Comfortable accommodations and meals
Lessons to build skills in Hebrew and Chumash
Workshops, tours, and inspirational speakers
Enrichment programs for life’s challenges
Gatherings and special farbrengens
Building new relationships
Mentor-ship and guidance