Friday: And on the Seventh Day...G-d Created A Spiritual Oasis in Time

Analysis of the Shabbat Prayers
Drawing Diverse Spiritual Spheres
Halachic Overview

Shabbos: Transforming Darkness to Light


 Living Judaism

The Chain of Halachic Tradition
Talmudic Reasoning in Modern Courts
Mitzvot: Forging Spiritual Connections
The Thirteen Principles of Faith
The Jewish Calendar: Fasts and Feasts
Jewish Life Cycle: From Cradle to Grave

Celebrating the Jewish Woman: Her Role, Mission and Strength

Halachic Perspective: The Majesty of Modesty
Great Jewish Women in History
The Mystical Approach to Gender: Men are from Za, Women are from Malchus
The Power of Proximity: Yichud
The Shidduch Process


Why Keep Kosher: Chassidic Analysis
Kosher Certification: The Five  “W”s
Keeping Kosher in a non-Kosher Home

Chassidim - Unveiling the Mystical Dimension

Chabad/Chagas: Multiple Approaches  in the Service of G-d
The Evolution of Kabbalistic Thought
Torah Infused and Saved: The Chassidic Revelation
The History of Chabad
Evening Lecture: A Unique Bond: The Rebbe – Chassid Relationship

The Messianic Era -  Global Unity and Redemption

Resurrection of the Dead
Maimonides: The Laws of Redemption
An Era of Spiritual Revelation
Model Bais Hamikdosh
Unity. Peace. Ultimate Goodness

 Prayer - A Service of the Heart

Ascending the Divine Ladder
The History and Laws of Prayer
Synagogue Tour

Continuity - Keeping the Flame Alive

V’Debarta Bam: Passing the Torch
Toah and Mitzvot: Secret to Jewish Continuity
The Three Step Program: Education, Mentorship, Community
Teshuvah: Breaking through all Barriers

  Summing It All Up

A trip to the Ohel

* In addition, Yeshivacation program participants will study Tanya, Chumash, Jewish Prayer, and will have a chance to improve upon Hebrew, Yiddish or Rashi language skills.