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DECEMBER 21-31, 2023


You Need A Vacation.

Ever feel burnt out? Tired of the same old routine?

Join Yeshivacation—a transformative ten-day retreat for the modern Jewess seeking an elevated existence. Pamper your mind, body, and soul this winter break.

Discover a home away from home.

Merging the luxury of vacation with the intellectual rigor of Yeshivah, Yeshivacation offers Jewish women from all backgrounds the opportunity to experience authentic Judaism in a warm and welcoming environment. Through the multi-faceted prism of Jewish law, classical Jewish thought, Jewish history, and Chassidic philosophy, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of Judaism and its relevance to their modern lives. 


Study ancient Torah texts and their timeless application.


Experience an immersive Jewish environment utilizing all your senses.


Connect with a sisterhood of like-minded intellectuals and soul-searchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our program is held in Crown Heights, Brooklyn—a quaint and colorful shtetl in the heart of New York City. Thousands of travelers flock to Crown Heights each year to experience the unique culture of the famous Chassidic hub. Discover what the hype is for yourself through ten-days of exploring, touring, and enjoying all that Crown Heights has to offer. Plus, we are only a thirty-minute subway ride from Manhattan!

  • Dec 21-31, 2023.

  • Yeshivacation is an all-inclusive experience where students are pampered in mind, body, and soul. Participants reside at the Machon Chana campus building or in the lovely dormitory of a women’s yeshivah. Gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served on campus, and Shabbat meals take place in private homes of the Crown Heights community.

  • Each day is centered around a new theme, such as the role of Jewish women, the meaning of prayer, and the eternal gift of Shabbos. Tackling the theme from various angles, such as Jewish law, classical Jewish thought, Jewish history and Chassidic philosophy, students will gain a holistic understanding of the topic and learn how to integrate its lessons in their lives.

  • Mornings begin with prayer, a soulful and meaningful time to align your intentions for the day and communicate with G-d in whatever language you feel most comfortable! After prayer, indulge in a delicious breakfast to fuel up for a day of thought-provoking classes. After a pleasant lunch break, the experiential learning half of the day begins. Students will participate in tours of iconic Jewish sights such as a five star women’s mikvah or a wig salon. Take time off in the evening to relax, connect, and explore on your own or with new friends. Nights are filled with fascinating lectures and farbrengens—inspiring get-togethers full of song and sisterhood.

  • Yes! We don’t want anybody to miss out on the gift of Yeshivacation! Contact to learn more about scholarship opportunities.

  • Yeshivacation is a project of Machon Chana Institute, a religious college for Jewish women from all walks of life seeking a Torah education. For over 50 years, free-thinkers and soul-seekers have found the answers they were searching for in the halls of Machon Chana.

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Machon Chana provided me with a wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge of Judaism and Chassidus while connecting with others in a warm, understanding environment.

Elisheva Nash, Teacher, Dallas, TX


Machon Chana is a warm, loving place that allowed me to develop my deep belief in Yiddishkeit, and it guided me to gently uncover my hidden talents and discover who I am down to my core. This place is so incredible. Mrs. Labkowski is so down to earth and real. The staff are professional, the Rabbis know their material, and the women here are the best of the best. We were all in this together, and the bonds that were formed and the friendships created, I feel, are lifelong. This has been an incredible and life-changing experience.

Chava Dashevsky, Court Reporter, Vancouver, CA


Machon Chana has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life. Torah, Halachah, history, and spirituality are blended in a way that makes complete sense for practical applications. My internal spark burns brighter than ever, and my relationship with Hashem has grown immensely. My journey will continue long after leaving. I can't wait to come back again!

Chava Navidi, Researcher, Potomac, MD

Join us at Yeshivacation, your spark to personal transformation!

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