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Machon Chana provided me with a wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge of Judaism and Chassidus while connecting with others in a warm, understanding environment.

Elisheva Nash, Teacher, Dallas, TX


Machon Chana is a warm, loving place that allowed me to develop my deep belief in Yiddishkeit, and it guided me to gently uncover my hidden talents and discover who I am down to my core. This place is so incredible. Mrs. Labkowski is so down to earth and real. The staff are professional, the Rabbis know their material, and the women here are the best of the best. We were all in this together, and the bonds that were formed and the friendships created, I feel, are lifelong. This has been an incredible and life-changing experience.

Chava Dashevsky, Court Reporter, Vancouver, CA


Machon Chana has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life. Torah, Halachah, history, and spirituality are blended in a way that makes complete sense for practical applications. My internal spark burns brighter than ever, and my relationship with Hashem has grown immensely. My journey will continue long after leaving. I can't wait to come back again!

Chava Navidi, Researcher, Potomac, MD

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